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Recruitment and Joining

1. We seek mature players that are approximately 21 years of age or older.
(We are willing to bend these rules if a player under 21 demonstrates a consistent mature attitude.)

2. We do not invite randomly. This means we will never just invite someone because they ask "hey can I join your guild?" NO!
(We prefer to get to know players through grouping and Raids. Many times during these interactions their attitudes are best viewed.)

3. You must be approximately level 60 unless you are a personal friend, relative or former long-standing in-game friend/guildmate of a current member of the Blackfang Brotherhood who is in good standing.
(The level limit currently applies to WOW ONLY. The requirement shows a level of dedication to the character, assuming you play on somewhat a regular basis. DAOC's Level Requirement is level 24-39 as a guideline.)

4. You must have a willingness to help out without receiving anything in return.
(There is no point to helping out a guildmate one time to turn around and say "well, I did this for you". This attitude isn't very team oriented and only promotes animosity.)

5. Must have and demonstrate a mature sense of humor.
(Look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left.)

6. Must understand that RL (real life) will ALWAYS come first.
(This rule was built into the system because I don't want people feeling obligated to be on all the time and skipping out on RL events/activities to play the game.)

As a Recruit
Once you have joined the Blackfang Brotherhood, you will go through a probationary period. An Officers' Note will be placed on you that says "prob." for probation as well as who invited you, or your relation to any guild member. This period lasts for approximately 3-4 weeks, unless an Officer sees great potential in a player and suggests otherwise.

Probationary periods are for ALL new members regardless of any recommendations (friend/relatives) given within Guild. The idea is to make sure that all new people are a good fit for the Guild.

Once you become a full member of Blackfang Brotherhood you are considered a 'Fang. We keep an open door policy and if you feel you need to leave for whatever reason, we will not begrudge you that as long as you have the guts to be up-front and honest with us.

One of our motto is "Once a 'Fang, always a 'Fang". And that motto is only up to the individual and his/her feelings and actions toward the guild.

Make no mistake, if you step out of line you will be called on it. If you do not believe in upholding the Guild Values and conducting yourself in an appropriate manner, you will be kicked from the Guild.

Want to get to know us better?
Visit us in-game or on the our Forums.

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