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The Guild Rules are embodied best in the following quote that reflect the Core of our Guild Values...
"The only time you mean anything to the Guild is by increasing your value to the Guild, not through levels, not through crafting, but through personality, loyalty, and good will towards Guild mates." ~Anonymous Member of Northern Reavers (DAOC - Migard, Igraine)

1. No begging.
(The fastest way to get kicked out of the Guild is to stand around any area and beg or ask for items/money. The guild is here to help but not here to give you a free ride.)

2. Expect to earn your keep and prove yourself.
(It is expected that all Blackfang will make their own way to at least level 40-45. Find players around your level in and out of Guild to accomplish Instances. These games aren't hard. If you start asking for power leveling it will be noted and you may be asked to stop or leave the guild. Everyone at the top in Blackfang has earned his or her own way. It makes you stronger as a player and makes you respect the level of competency Blackfang Groups demonstrate as compared to most pickup groups (PUGs).)

3. Treat all guildmates with respect.

4. Treat all faction-mates with respect.
(If you are wearing the Blackfang Brotherhood guild tag you are expected to conduct yourself honorably. Concessions are easily made for any faction-mate who is acting dishonorably. In this case, avoid that player or players and let the Guild know who it is and why that player should be avoided.)

5. Be willing to help other guildmates to make the guild stronger, not because you expect something in return.
(This does not mean a player should be powerleveled or constantly given handouts. It means that we should offer help when all else fails.)

6. Use and Follow fair and acceptable Loot Rules when grouping with everyone (guildmates or faction-mates).

7. Politics and Drama should be avoided at all costs.
(If there seems to be any drama stirring in the Guild I would expect any officer to cut it down and cut it down fast, which may mean the removal of a player or players.)

8. We are here to have fun. Everyone is paying to play this game.
(If you feel the need to make it less fun for someone else because you think you have the right to do so, you will be called out for it and possibly kicked from the Guild.)

9. This is a game. Your personal happiness within this game and Guild rests squarely on your own shoulders. Do not expect happiness to come from anywhere else.

Amendments to Guild Rules

1. Know who the Guild Leaders and Officers are.

2. If there are internal Guild disputes or issues take them to any one of the Guild Officers.

3. If there are external Guild disputes or issues discuss them in Guild and make sure a Guild Officer knows.

4. If you have a problem or concern of any kind voice it to an Officer or post it in the Members area Voice of the Warrior.
This is where all members have voice and should discuss making things better.

5. Do not hesitate to be positive and proactive.
Please realize that everyone has something different they want to accomplish. Work with each other and help each other in a positive and proactive way with the understanding that people may not be available "RIGHT NOW".

6. Visit the and read the rules for the WOW Quest Request Forum.
Use this Forum to ask for help and schedule help with Quests. Please make sure you read the Guidelines.

Want to get to know us better?
Visit us in-game or on the our Forums.

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