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The Blackfang Brotherhood is a player made guild that has it roots back to the mid-90's with a few college friends playing a text-based online game called a MUD (multi-user dimension/dungeon) known as Arctic MUD. Arctic MUD is a true PvP game as are the roots of the Blackfang Brotherhood.

The name comes from a Guild in an older game known as Runequest, a pencil and paper roleplaying game, in which Blackfang Brotherhood was a thieves and assassins guild. Credit to the naming suggestion goes to Atilius/Ravana, one of the original college friends.

Unfortunately, it was relatively short lived as the interest of the friends waxed and waned and we sought new ways to amuse ourselves. The Blackfang Brotherhood did not re-emerge until the beginning of 2002 when we started seriously playing Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC). Here we adventured in the rugged land of Midgard on the Guinevere Server. After about 2.5 years of playing DAOC it was time for many of our members to move on to World of Warcraft (WOW) starting the Guild almost immediately in November of 2004.

We currently have a solid Guild presence on the Argent Dawn realm/server playing the Horde Faction with approximately 70-80 members. We've taken part in all of the Raid content WOW has to offer. We even had a PvP crew running on a regular basis. But the overall game design of WOW has not held our attention as we thought it should.

A few of our old schoolers have gone back to DAOC to pass time until Warhammer Online comes out. In DAOC we play in Hibernia on Gareth Server (Classic) and have approximately 20 members actively defending the Realm. What can we say, RvR is where it is at!!

The Blackfang Brotherhood is ready for WAR!!!!!!!!

To learn what we are all about if you are thinking of joining checkout out our Guild Rules as well as Recruitment & Joining.

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